Man caught on camera being chased by a miniature 3-day old horse and millions have tuned in

We all have our own views on which animals are cute, some people find snakes cute, but generally the furrier the animal the cuter they are considered.

Miniature horses are the result of selective breeding over centuries and today can be found across Europe and North America.

They’re usually under 38 inches tall and are considered gentle, friendly, and easy to train and care for.

 Animal Guy/YouTube

They’re also extremely cute and for all those miniature horse fans out there, what could be cuter than a baby miniature horse?

In a video released on YouTube a man is chased by a 3-day miniature horse and it’s possibly the cutest sight I’ve seen in a while.

 Animal Guy/YouTube

The man stops every now and then to let the horse catch up and pet the adorable creature before taking off again. Who knew this was an available pastime?

The horse mom, who is filming, stops to check on the tiny creature before praising her four-legged friend for running so well.

To date more than 10 million people have watched the video and almost 2,000 people have commented.

When you see the clip below you’ll understand why the internet has gone crazy over this video. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a horse so small.

Please share this adorable sight with all your friends and family. Everyone needs to see this today.