Injured man moved to tears after getting a special visit from therapy horse

Animals can be an incredible comfort for people when they need them most. Meeting a gentle, friendly animal can have a real therapeutic effect for people who are sick or injured.

That’s what one video shows, as an injured, bedridden man becomes overjoyed while getting a visit from a friendly horse.

Coletivo Inclusão is a non-profit organization that, according to their website, “promotes the social inclusion of people with disabilities and people in situations of social vulnerability.”

The organization also frequently uses horses as a form of therapy for people in need.

Recently, one of their horses had a very heartwarming interaction with someone in need of comfort.

According to Brazilian outlet Amomeupet, João Eber da Rocha was injured in a truck accident in February 2021. His vehicle was overturned, leaving him in serious condition. He has been bedridden, in recovery from his injuries ever since.

He reportedly had a diffuse axonal injury and received a tracheostomy in the ICU.

The injury has been heartbreaking for his daughter, Audri — but recently she found a unique way to cheer her father up during his recovery.

The father and daughter took a trip to Coletivo Inclusão’s headquarters — and there, the injured João got a special visit from a therapy horse named Paçoca.


The gentle horse lays his head down on João’s chest, as if to let him know everything is going to be okay.

João becomes emotional by the sweet horse’s visit, and begins crying.


“He stood like this with Dad the whole time,” Audri wrote on Instagram. “It was beautiful!”

The sweet video has gone viral since being uploaded last week, and now has over 7 million views.

It’s a sweet reminder of the power animals have to help and comfort people during their times of need. Sometimes just seeing a beautiful animal like this horse can make you feel less alone.

Coletivo Inclusão was thrilled to see their therapy horse make such a big difference in this man’s life, and by the overwhelming response to the video.

“We are very happy about the impact that our little horse Paçoca … [has] had on social networks,” they wrote on Instagram. “Much love, complicity and healing.”

É com muita alegria que anunciamos o nome do nosso terapeuta equino!!!Com 21 votos seu nome é PAÇOCA, e não é que ele…

Posted by Coletivo Inclusão on Monday, September 21, 2020

What a sweet video. We wish João a speedy and healthy recovery, and hope this special horse continues to inspire people when they need it.

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