Horse loses an eye after being hit by firework

Horse loses an eye after being hit by firework

Many people celebrate holidays with fireworks, but it’s important to remember that they’re not always harmless fun. What is a pretty show for us humans can be a nightmare for animals, and as we’ve seen recently the stress can be deadly.

Now, another animal has become the victim of fireworks, after a stray firework left him permanently disfigured.

Charley Taylor, from Aberdeen, Scotland, shared the story on Facebook. She says that a man nearby set off a 30-minute fireworks display, right near her field of horses.

Part of a firework landed directly into the eye of one of the horses, Dettori, pushing it into his socket and causing it to fill with blood.

Facebook/Charley Taylor

The poor horse was critically wounded. A vet informed the owners that “the damage is so severe it is irreversible.”

The only options were to euthanize the horse or surgically remove his eye, and he was deeply after the traumatic injury.

“We are waiting to see how Dettori handles the trauma he has been inflicted, and as you can imagine he is very stressed,” Charley wrote.

The story shocked people online, who rallied to raise money for Dettori’s surgery. A GoFundMe page far exceeded the asked amount, and leftover funds will go to the SSPCA to help other animals hurt by fireworks.

Facebook/Charley Taylor

But while Dettori begins a long road to recovery, the story remains a reminder of how thoughtless some people can be.

According to Charley, the man who set off the fireworks showed no remorse over the incident. She is working with the police to hopefully file charges.

In the meantime, she was inspired to share the story in the hopes that people become more aware of the dangers of fireworks when it comes to animals.

“I hope what has happened to Dettori as awful as it is, prevents something like this happening to someone’s else horse,” Charley wrote.

“PLEASE think about your actions and the consequences they have on others… no animal deserves this.”

Facebook/Charley Taylor

This poor horse. We hope Dettori recovers soon and the man who set off these fireworks faces consequences.

Set off fireworks responsibly, and remember how they will affect the animals around you! Share this important story!