Frederick the Great - the 'world's most handsome horse' becomes a celebrity

Frederick the Great – the ‘world’s most handsome horse’ becomes a celebrity

Meet Frederick the Great, regarded as the world’s most handsome horse with tens of thousands of followers and movie and photo shoot commitments.

Even before this stunning stallion became a viral sensation, he already had a legion of fans but since thousands began sharing his beautiful pictures online his popularity has gone global.

Frederick is a 15-year-old Friesian stallion based in Arkansas. His owner Stacy Nazario, owner of Pinnacle Friesians, bought him from the Netherlands when he was 6 years old.

Now he calls a farm in the Ozark mountains home, a backdrop to match his beauty. But as Stacy explains he’s not all looks.

Just showing off for the girls behind me. Have a Great Weekend signed, Frederik the Great

Posted by Frederik the Great on Friday, January 20, 2017

“His personality went right along with his looks. He’s just phenomenal. His temperament is sweet. I could put a baby right next to him and he would just be gentle with it. He’s a gentle giant,” she told The Guardian newspaper.

His Facebook page Frederick the Great, which has more than 97,000 followers, has images of him with his shiny black coat and long flowing mane galloping through the fields and interacting with some of his many fans.

His photos have attracted thousands of likes and from the comments it’s clear many people are in awe of this black beauty.

He set me dreaming….. ~ ……signed Frederik the Great

Posted by Frederik the Great on Thursday, October 19, 2017

“Never seen a more gorgeous horse, EVER. Wow,” one fan wrote, while another gushed: “I swear my heart skipped a beat when I saw this stunner.”

Valentine, Valentine let's make a deal, with a kiss to seal. I'll be your Valentine and you'll be mine.HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, MY FRIEND'S signed "with Love," Frederik the Great

Posted by Frederik the Great on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Meanwhile, Facebook user Sharon Younts wrote: “There will NEVER be a more majestic, handsome, sexy horse on the face of the earth. Never, ever. I wish I could just touch and “smell” him just once.” 

Stacy said Frederik enjoys taking part in dressage competitions and “lights up” when he’s photographed.

World's Most Handsome Horse, Frederik the Great

Posted by Frederik the Great on Thursday, March 15, 2018

“It’s almost like watching a celebrity, you know, the difference between when they’re at home and under the lights,” Stacy said, according to The Guardian.

But as much as he loves the spotlight this great beauty knows how to enjoy his days off: “He’s just eating grass, walking around, he’ll look out at the deer,” Stacy explained. “He loves to just relax.”

Originating in Friesland, in the Netherlands, the Friesian horse was in great demand during the middle ages as a war horse and today is a successful dressage horse due to its strength and good looks, although the breed faced extinction at one point.

I’ve never seen such a long-flowing mane! Such a beauty.

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