3 horses are released in deep snow and their absolute joy playing is so wonderful to see

Watching animals happy playing together is something that never fails to bring a smile to my face.

They don’t need any special equipment like us humans usually do like a playground, sometimes what’s around them is enough.

For these beautiful horses in the video below, deep snow was enough to keep them happy, and their joy is such a wonder to see.


Horses are fascinating, beautiful and majestic animals. They are also very social and hate to be isolated.

They have an incredible ability to create strong bonds with people and often show emotion through sounds, snorting when they are happy.

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In this wonderful clip, 3 horses have been released into their field where they find it covered in deep snow.

The strength they show running through this snow is impressive on its own but their absolute joy is just contagious.

One of the horses starts putting his head in the snow, just to feel it over him. They are having so much fun.

See these beautiful creatures have a blast in their winter wonderland in the clip below.

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Absolutely wonderful! You cannot help but smile watching these cute horses play in the snow! 

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