16-year-old, half blind horse shakes with fear as animal heroes embark on dangerous rescue

16-year-old, half blind horse shakes with fear as animal heroes embark on dangerous rescue

When an animal as large as a horse gets into difficulty it can take a whole community to help the majestic beast.

I can’t imagine what must go through an animal’s mind when they are trapped somewhere and suddenly a group of people gather to help them; does an animal know when humans are trying to help them?

Watching this lengthy and dramatic rescue of a horse in this tight spot, my heart goes out to this terrified mare.

The 16-year-old partially blind horse had slipped and fell into a hole in the ground and couldn’t move to free herself.

Thankfully her human family were there to soothe her shaking bones while a dangerous rescue took place.

The horse called Bod was grazing in Nonthaburi, Thailand, when she took a dangerous step and found herself stuck in a concrete drain.

She may not have noticed the cover as she’s blind in her left eye, her owner Nittaya Limalai told the Daily Mail.

Nittaya tried desperately to free the horse but she was stuck fast so extra hands were needed.

A local Thai animal rescue was called on to assist in this dangerous rescue and volunteers worked for three hours drilling and digging Bod out from her five foot hole.

A sledgehammer and excavator had to be brought in to free Bod, who is shaking throughout the entire rescue, looking terrified.

‘Might not have survived’

Her owner sits, stroking and reassuring her but I cannot imagine how scared this horse must have been.

The hole was eventually widened, and the distressed horse was able to climb out herself. Finally, Bod is free and uninjured.

Nittaya is grateful to those that worked so hard to save her beloved horse, “Without them it could have been much worse and my horse might not have survived,” she said, according to the Rumble video description

See the dramatic rescue in the clip below.

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Thank goodness for those hardworking individuals who did all they could to free this frightened animal.

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