Young man tries to kick homeless dog on the beach, then he gets a taste of his own medicine

I have no tolerance for people who consciously hurt animals and I can’t help but feel they might sometimes deserve a taste of their own medicine!

In this case, a young man wants to show off in front of his friends. He thought it would be amusing to kick a stray dog they came across, minding its own business on a beach.

When such occurrences happen, they frequently end up online, and I am furious when I see them. But there’s something unique about this clip in particular. Something a little bitter sweet.

See for yourself below.

A group of young men had gathered on a beach to hang out. It is unclear who is recording this video. What we can see is that there are several seemingly stray dogs on the beach.

One of the guys obviously has no compassion for animals. He suddenly charges towards one of the dogs and prepares to kick it. The poor dog had simply been minding its own business on the shoreline, not disturbing the men in any way.

Fortunately, the dog detects the guy in time and manages to run away. The attacker’s kick ends up in the air and he falls back on the sand.

This is where it gets funny. The dog isn’t alone, and his compatriots are clearly not amused by the the guy tried to do. They decide to protect their friend and chase the young man into the water.

Now that’s what I call karma!

Watch the video below:

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