Yorkie dog rescued from puppy mill after spending a decade in a dark box

When six dogs were rescued from a puppy mill in southern Spain they were in a shocking condition.

They were taken to hospital and treated with some requiring surgery and new homes were found for them.


But one dog stood out from all the rest, a little Yorkshire Terrier called Cesar who had spent his entire life in a dark box and was too frightened to move.

The 10-year-old dog couldn’t see for matted, overgrown fur, covered in feces, he’d never been held or loved and was terrified of human contact.


Cesar had to be put in a harness as he’d never exercised so his legs were weak, while a vet went to work removing his matted fur, cleaning him and taking blood for testing.

Thankfully a new home was found for Cesar and he gets to spend the remainder of his life with a loving family, getting the care and attention he truly deserves.


Watch Cesar’s amazing transformation and his new owners giving him all the love in the video below.

Puppy mills are set up by people who have no interest in the welfare of animals, only to make as much money as possible; they should be shut down.

It’s shocking just how badly treated these dogs were and the conditions they were kept in.

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