”Worst case I've seen”: Rescue dog starves to death despite humane society efforts

”Worst case I’ve seen”: Rescue dog starves to death despite humane society efforts

She had lived the first year of her short life being starved to death, and by the time she was rescued she could barely lift her head or open and close her mouth.

When the shepherd mix arrived at Cedar Bend Humane Society, in Iowa, staff said it was one of the worst cases of starvation they had ever seen.

Staff who called the 1-year-old pup Hope said she had the will to live but not the body.

“I’ve been here for 21 years, and she’s probably one of the worst that I’ve seen that arrived to us still alive,” said CBHS Executive Director Kristy Gardner, as per The Courier.

We are sad to have to report that the dog we reported on last night passed away this morning. The staff at Cedar Bend…

Posted by KWWL on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

“This is not acceptable. I get it if you can’t afford to pay for food for your pet, but it’s kinder to turn it over to a shelter. Starvation, abuse and neglect is not acceptable.”

Staff decided to give her the best chance possible and she was transported to a Specialty Veterinary Clinic.

Hope weighed just over 18lbs less than half the 45 pounds she should have weighed for her age.

Despite plans to take X-rays and do blood work the poor pup just wasn’t strong enough to continue the fight.


Just a few days after Hope arrived at the humane society staff put a post out on social media with the words: “Our hearts are broken. We had so much hope that she would be able to pull through.

“The donations that were not able to be used for her care will be kept in a Hope Fund in her honor. These donations will go specifically towards the next heartbreaking cases that come to us needing extensive immediate care.”

An investigation has been launched following Hope’s horrific treatment which led to her death.

“Hope could not stand, walk or wag her tail, but she fought until the very end. Just a very sweet lady,” said Jessica Christensen, from the society.

Her name is Hope.We've received the worst news possible… Our fighter lost her fight upon arriving to intensive care…

Posted by Cedar Bend Humane Society, Inc. on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Kristy said she was so moved by the public’s response to their fundraising appeal for Hope which allowed them to transport her to the emergency clinic as soon as possible.

In Hope’s honor we must do all we can to spot animal abuse in our community and speak out so more animals can be saved.

Rest in peace brave girl, you fought until the end. Please share.