Woman visits homeless dog every day, 8 days later the dog does something that makes her cry

When animal lover Carley Coca heard three dogs had been abandoned outside a church near her home in Florida, she knew she had to act fast.

Carley headed over to the church after work to rescue them and managed to get two of them into her car but the third dog refused.

It broke her heart to leave him alone, but she had two dogs she had to care for so was forced to leave the third one alone.

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Arrived with a bag of cheeseburgers

But she returned to the spot every day to try and earn this animal’s trust, yet every day he ran from her, even though she was armed with a bag of cheeseburgers for him.

Carley Coca / Facebook

Then on the eighth day something extraordinary happened, something that left Carley in tears.

Carley had been a huge animal lover since she was a little girl and volunteers regularly with Paw Print Hearts rescue, around her full-time job.

Carley knew she had to rescue the three dogs, called Zeus, Lily and Chance, who she suspected had been dumped.

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When she managed to get Zeus and Lily into the car but couldn’t persuade Chance it broke her heart to leave him there, but she had to get the other two dogs to foster moms.

But Carley refused to give up on Chance and she showed up at the same spot every day to see him, with ten cheeseburgers, and sat trying to earn his trust, but every day he ran away scared.

Chance started licking her hand

“I would go to the shed where Chance would sleep and announce that I was there — and I’d sit at a distance (chosen by Chance), for up to three hours at a time, and just toss him cheeseburgers,” Carla told The Dodo

Carley Coca / Facebook

For seven days Chance refused to go anywhere near Carley.

Then, on the eighth day something remarkable happened when Carley showed up.

“When I pulled up on the eighth day, Chance came running to my car,” Carley said. “I stuck my hand out the window and he immediately licked it. I was shocked! I got out of my car and he started wagging his tail. I knew today was the day.” 


“I placed my hand on top of his head and started to pet him,” Carley told The Dodo. “I was nervous how he would react; I was afraid maybe he’d bite, but he didn’t. He almost looked … relieved. I started to cry — happy tears.” 

Carley had finally won the dog’s trust and was able to take him to safety.

Watch the wonderful moment here:

Carley rushed Chance to the veterinarian as he was covered in fleas, ticks and burrs, and was matted and very skinny.

After he was treated, she took him home and is fostering him herself.

Carley plans to foster him for three months and then find a forever home for him.

Carley Coca / Facebook

It breaks my heart when I think of all the dogs in the world who are cruelly dumped. I cannot imagine what Chance has been through to be so scared of humans.

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