Dog on leash used as a weapon against owner in road rage incident

Woman uses pet dog on leash as a weapon during video of road rage

It was a terrifying moment for one dog owner caught up in a road rage incident that was captured on camera.

The woman can be seen in the footage get out of her car and grab a small dog on a leash from the driver in front and start to walk away.

As the dog owner chases after her to get her dog back, the woman turns around and starts swinging her dog at her, beating her with the frightened animal.

The woman grabs her dog and shields him as she pulls the leash from the woman’s hand. Her attacker then uses the end of the leash to hit her.

The distressing footage was captured on July 1 on a highway in Dartmouth, Halifax, in Canada, and is said to have happened after two women in one car cut off another car with two women in a drive-thru.

Two videos were taken at the scene with the first one showing one driver shouting in the window at the other before the argument took a shocking turn.

The second video shows the woman taking the dog and swinging it by its leash before using the terrified pet to hit his owner on the side of her head.

Halifax Police Investigating Incident Where Dog Swung by Leash and ...
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Police were called but the women involved did not want to report the assault. The dog involved, along with another dog in the car, were checked on and were said to be in good health, as per UNILAD.

Police are treating the incident as an animal cruelty investigation and are appealing for witnesses.

Halifax Police investigating road rage incident involving dog ...
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Let’s hope the person responsible for this horrific act is caught and punished.

Animals should never be used as a weapon and anyone caught doing so needs to be stopped. Please share.