Woman unchains two 'scared, soaked' dogs after owners left them tied up in lightning storm

Woman unchains two ‘scared, soaked’ dogs after owners left them tied up in lightning storm

When you own a dog, it’s your responsibility to make sure they are always comfortable and safe. That means making sure they aren’t exposed to inclement weather conditions, like being left outside in a storm.

Sadly, some owners don’t understand this — like the owners of two dogs, who left the dogs tied up outside during a severe thunderstorm.

But when one woman saw the poor dogs, she stepped into action to get them to safety.

On August 11, TikTok user Kenadee Lynn was shocked after discovering two dogs, a Corgi and a Doodle, chained up in their backyard in the middle of a lightning storm, which included heavy rain and flash flooding.


The dogs were visibly upset, and Kenadee says the owners left no food, water or shelter for the “scared soaked babies,” even though the heat index was over 100 degrees.

She says the owners, who live down the block from her, were not home after she knocked on their door.

But Kenadee, who describes herself in her profile as a “rescuer of all the fur babies in need,” decided to take action and get the dogs help.

After contacting animal control, police and the humane society, she was able to go in and untie the soaking-wet dogs, who were taken to a local animal shelter to spend the night.

“They were warm and dry last night,” Kenadee said.


Kenadee says she hoped the dogs would not be given back to the owners after they left them out in such severe weather, and says her mother put in an application to adopt the Corgi.

However, in another follow-up video, she says the owners retrieved their dogs, although they had to pay fines and fees and were warned that they needed to keep their pets sheltered in the future.


A TikTok video of the rescue has now gone viral with over 3.2 million views. Kenadee says she’s received criticism from followers saying she “stole” the dogs, but says she followed all the correct procedures to help these poor dogs — and only regrets that she couldn’t get them into a better home.

But hopefully, the owners have learned their lesson and will treat these dogs better.

“If you own dogs don’t leave them out in the rain!” Kenadee wrote.


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Thank you to Kenadee for helping these dogs who were left out in a lightning storm. We hope these two dogs are treated better by their owners in the future.

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