Woman tries to save a homeless dog – suddenly he drags her down the street

There are thousands of homeless dogs around the world who don’t have access to food, water, or love.

Fortunately, there are good-hearted people who spend their lives helping our four-legged friends.

This story is about Gershwin, a 150-pound homeless dog who, at first, wasn’t sure he wanted to go with his rescuers.

Like most people, seeing a homeless dog always makes me sad. Every pet deserves to sleep under a roof, have food when it’s hungry, and be surrounded by love.

But some dogs, like the homeless Gershwin, don’t always feel this way. They have learned that humans can’t be trusted and they rely on their wits to survive. Dogs like Gershwin deserve a home, too.

Left outside during a 95-degree heat wave, Gershwin was noticed by a good samaritan who realized that the dog wasn’t going to live much longer in his current condition. The person called the local animal rescue organization Hope for Paws, and they set out to find and rescue the homeless dog.

When the rescuers arrived to look for Gershwin, he was completely still because of the oppressive heat and his lack of food, water, or shelter.

The rescuers approached the 150-pound dog and sat nearby to convince him that they weren’t a threat. But when they tried to catch him, they found out that Gershwin had plenty of strength left.

Credit: Youtube

Trying to escape

The woman put a leash around his neck, but as soon as he felt it, Gershwin began to run and pull in every direction. He didn’t understand that these people were only there to help and that his health was in danger if he stayed outside.

The woman was dragged by the huge dog but she refused to let go of the leash. Finally, as Gershwin started to tire out, he realized that it might be better to settle down and allow himself to be caught.

Credit: Youtube

Gershwin calmed down and they were able to get him into the car.

They went back to the animal shelter where Gershwin got a well-deserved bath and a tasty meal, something he hadn’t enjoyed in a very long time.

Credit: Youtube

Like a new dog

In addition to the heat, hunger, thirst, loneliness, and fear, Gershwin had a serious infection on his shoulder.

But, his veterinary treatment was successful, and a few weeks later it was a whole new dog who played and socialized in the animal shelter.

Credit: Youtube

Gershwin is now waiting to find his loving forever home.

Thanks to Hope for Paws, another dog has a whole new start in life. I’m absolutely sure Gershwin will find the perfect home – where he is never hungry, thirsty, or hot as he was during his time on the streets.

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