Woman tapes dog’s mouth shut when it barks – stands before judge and says it was a “joke”

The sound of a dog barking can be a nuisance to some people. While I don’t agree it should be, I can understand. After all, it is the often loud repetition of a noise naturally designed to grab attention.

Of course, dogs usually bark because they want something, or else they’re happy, scared, anxious or in pain. It should go without saying that a good owner will always find a way to calm their dog down without hurting them.

A woman named Katie Brown decided she’d come up with a genius idea when it came to silencing her dog’s barking back in 2015. She uploaded her ‘solution’ to social media probably expecting some sort of praise or laughter. Little did she know she was about to be bombarded with anger.

Police arrest woman who posted pic of dog with taped up snout

Posted by Daily Mail on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Brown thought it was an extremely clever move to tape her dog’s mouth shut. Naturally, the rest of the world thought otherwise.

Shared her “trick” on Facebook

No sooner had Brown uploaded her “trick” to Facebook than was she lambasted with criticism. The post was soon picked up by sites like Inside Edition and The Epoch Times, both of which helped to circulate it to even more horrified readers.

Thanks to social media, and the power of connectivity, the police were alerted and quickly tracked Brown down.

Judge’s reaction

When Brown went before a judge, she reportedly tried to say the image was just a “joke”, and that the tape was removed immediately following the picture.

The judge, however, remained deaf to Brown’s pleas. He instead described it as a case of a picture speaking a thousand words. Nor did he appreciate Brown’s “joke” in the slightest.

She was eventually sentenced to twelve months of supervised probation in 2016. Safe to say no more harm or distress will be coming to her dog.

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