Woman takes selfie, gives middle finger as she dumps dog at shelter

Woman takes selfie, gives middle finger as she dumps dog at shelter

It’s always heartbreaking when people abandon dogs at shelters, but one woman really knows how to add insult to injury.

In a moment that left people outraged, she dumped a dog all alone at a shelter… and was caught not only taking a selfie, but giving the middle finger:


The shelter keeps a drop-off open at night so people can leave stray dogs if they’re unable to care for them overnight.

But this woman, caught on camera, clearly had some malicious motives for dropping the dog off. When the photos hit the internet, outraged people speculated that it wasn’t her dog at all, and she was abandoning someone else’s pet out of revenge.

The poor, confused dog was left alone. He had no microchip, so the shelter couldn’t even figure out where he came from.


It’s outrageous to think anyone could be so heartless and flippant when abandoning a dog… but luckily, everything worked out for this poor pup.

According to a Reddit user who posted about the incident, the pound later made contact with the dog’s actual owner, a man from New South Wales, Australia.

The man had left the dog with his sister while he went out of town, although it isn’t clear if his sister is the woman taking the selfie.

“If her identity is found, she can be charged a surrender fee by the council pound, but usually their identities are never found,” the user explained.

They also say that before the owner was found, many people stepped up and offered to adopt the dog if he needed a home, showing once again that even in situations neglect and abandonment there are good people willing to step up and help.

It’s a bizarre incident, but at least everything worked out for this dog in the end. Share this story!