Woman steals Corgi puppy while he’s recovering from surgery

It is truly heinous to steal someone’s pet, but that didn’t stop one woman from stealing a Corgi puppy — right after the pup had had surgery.

The shocking incident happened at A.R.E. Animal Rescue in Hemet, California. A Corgi puppy named Kai was taken there to be neutered.

But as the pup recovered from the surgery, the unexpected happened: Kai suddenly went missing.


Security footage at the animal shelter revealed that the dog had been stolen.

A woman entered the rescue with a little boy, claiming to be looking for a kitten.

But then, she is seen rushing out of the store with Kai in her arms.


When rescue owner Amber Schlieder realized what happened, she was devastated. She had to call Kai’s owners to break the news that their dog was missing — and felt responsible for the loss.

“It was honestly the most horrible phone call I’ve ever had to make,” Amber told ABC 7. “To call her and say that somebody had just stolen this baby, just right out from under us.”

“We’re upset… We really just want our little guy back,” said Alec Lay, the dog owner’s son.


But they didn’t give up. The rescue shared the story on Facebook, and signs with Kai’s face were put up all over town.

Luckily, the story has a happy ending.

The suspected dog thief, 21-year-old Chanel Groffo, was found and arrested for felony theft of a dog, according to an update from ABC 7. Her bail is set at $10,000.

Kai was found safe and sound, and has now returned to his family.

It’s hard to believe anyone could steal a dog like this, but we’re just glad Kai was found and an arrest has been made!

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