Woman spots police officer taking selfies with K9 partner — officer posts the pics after going viral

Woman spots police officer taking selfies with K9 partner — officer posts the pics after going viral

K9 officers are an invaluable part of the police force. These dogs perform essential duties like tracking down missing people and criminals.

Their human coworkers often grow attached to the dogs—it’s like having both a beloved pet and a partner. One woman caught a heartwarming moment that shows the real bond between K9s and their handlers.

A woman named Gina Anzaldua Stevenson was at Dallas Love Field Airport when something caught her attention: a police officer taking selfies with his dog!

I just watched the cop at the airport take a series of selfies with his dog and then stop to show him each one. 😂❤️ I stand corrected, that sweet boi was his partner not just a dog 😊

Posted by Gina Anzaldua Stevenson on Saturday, February 15, 2020

K9s have an important job at airports, being able to sniff out explosive materials. But the photos show that a dog is still a dog, and sometimes you can’t resist taking some goofy selfies with your buddy.

Gina said that the officer showed his dog the selfies afterward for his approval.

She posted the photos to the popular Dogspotting Society Facebook group, where they became hugely popular, gaining over 60,000 reactions and 47,000 shares.

The post was so popular, in fact, that it reached someone she never expected—the officer in the photos!

It turns out the officer is named Andre Cloyd and his dog is named Zigi. He had a good sense of humor about his accidental viral fame…

…and even shared the selfies he took in the photos!

Here are the selfies Zigi and I took that you all have asked for!

Posted by Andre Cloyd on Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Like two best friends, they struck a few funny poses—one smiling, one sort of cool, and another where Andre is serious but Zigi happily sticks out his tongue.

It’s clear that these two partners are true best friends! Share this funny story!