Woman spots pregnant dog unable to stand up

Leaving an animal alone at the side of the road in pain is one thing but doing this knowing you are the one who has caused this pain is unforgivable.

Millions of cats and dogs are killed on U.S. roads every year and not all of them are reported.

In India a woman stopped after spotting a dog struggling at the side of the highway.

The dog was pregnant and had been hit by a car and left to die.




Photo: YouTube

The dog, called Sherry, was struggling to get up off the ground and so the woman called Animal Aid Unlimited, in India.

Thankfully animal heroes from the rescue center turned up to help the poor pregnant pup and take her back to their base for treatment.

Photo: YouTube

She was shaking and scared to start with, but kind-hearted staff soon earned her trust as they stayed with her gently petting the frightened animal.

Sherry was treated for pain and trauma and by the next morning was a new dog.

Photo: YouTube

After only a day, Sherry was able to walk independently and was a confident dog, wagging her tail.

Watch her amazing recovery in the clip below.

I struggle to understand why anyone would leave a dog injured at the side of the road.

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