Woman reunites with her emotional support dog who was missing for 2 years: “Not a dry eye in the room”

It’s always heartbreaking when a pet goes missing, especially when it’s a pet you depend on for emotional support.

But sometimes lost pets return to us when we least expect them, months or years after they disappeared. That was the case recently, when one woman was overjoyed to reunite with her emotional support dog after two years apart.

Two years ago, Samantha Powers, from Fort Wayne, Indiana, was devastated when her emotional support dog Loki got out and went missing while a friend was watching him.

She looked everywhere, but it seemed her beloved dog was gone for good. “I kind of lost hope after a while,” she told WPTA.

Cut to two years later. Last month, Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control took in a dog who was found on the loose. Thankfully, the dog had a microchip which they could use to identify the dog’s owner.

They were stunned to discover that the dog had been missing for two years: it was Loki, alive and well after all this time.

Samantha “could not contain her excitement that we had her baby,” FWACC wrote on Facebook.

Video shows the moment Samantha and Loki were reunited, with the dog jumping for joy as he realizes he’s with his old owner again: “Not a dry eye in the room.”


Loki & his mom were reunited after being apart for almost 2 years. His microchip is the reason they are together again. ❤️ If you live in or near Fort Wayne, you can get your pet microchipped at our shelter (3020 Hillegas Road) for just $15 Mon-Fri 11-6 #reunited #dogsoftiktok #animalshelter #home #backhome #microchip #rescued #happyending #happy #petsoftiktok

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It’s not clear who has had Loki these past two years, but the dog reportedly seemed to be well taken of.

Both Samantha and the animal control officers say the story shows the importance of getting your pets microchipped, which makes reunions like this possible even after years of separation.

“This is why we advocate so frequently to please get your pets microchipped in the event they ever become lost,” Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control wrote.

“The microchip was a lifesaver,” Samantha told WPTA. “Without that, I wouldn’t have gotten my boy back.”

What an amazing reunion — we’re so glad Samantha has her beloved dog Loki back after 2 years apart!

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