Woman reunites with her dog who was missing for 3 years

Woman reunites with her dog who was missing for 3 years

It’s always heartbreaking when a pet goes missing. You search everywhere trying to find them, but sometimes they just never come home, leaving you wondering where they are and if they’re okay.

But sometimes miracles happen, and pets reappear when you least expect them, long after you’ve given up hope.

That was the case for one woman, who had an unlikely reunion with her beloved dog years after she went missing.

Three years ago, a heartbreaking situation occurred: shortly before Christmas 2017, Venes Mosier, from Kentucky, was in the hospital when thieves broke into her home.

“They pretty much wiped me out, literally,” Venes told WOOD TV. “I came home to a sofa and a few kitchen items.

Worst of all, the burglar stole her three dogs.


While one dog was found in Illinois a year later, the other two never returned, and over the years she gave up hope.

But recently, a call changed everything: It was from Cass County Animal Control, who told her that one of her missing dogs, Callie, had been found… all the way in Michigan.

“I was kind of shocked because I was like, ‘No way!’ because it’s been three years,” Venes said.

It’s hard to believe, but its all thanks to microchipping. Even after all these years and across state lines, vets were able to identify her as the owner.


But it was a miraculous development no one could believe: “I have been in the department for over 25 years now. This is a first,” Ronald Butts, director of Cass County Animal Control, told WOOD TV.

It isn’t clear where Callie has been all this time or how she ended up in Michigan, but it seems she was in someone’s care.

“She was in great condition, and obviously somebody had been taking care of her,” Butts said.

Everyone involved was thrilled to make this long-overdue reunion happen. A group called Many Paws Volunteer Transport Team even offered to drive Callie back home to Kentucky, free of charge.

“They really gave her a lot of love and attention, and I really am thankful for those guys,” Venes said.

Finally, this long-grieving owner had one of her dogs back safe and sound, a reunion she never imagined possible. “I was bouncing off the walls. I was in tears. I was excited.”

We’re so glad Callie is back after all these years! It’s a reminder to never give up hope — and to make sure to get your pets microchipped!

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