Woman rescues pit bull found locked in attic of abandoned house

Woman rescues pit bull found locked in attic of abandoned house

Sometimes animals are found in truly heartbreaking circumstances. Too many pets are abandoned by their owners, left to fend for themselves with no food or water.

That was the case for one pit bull, who was found suffering after being left locked in the attic of an abandoned home. But thanks to one woman’s kindness, this poor dog is getting a second chance.

Last month, Jami Lassell got a call from her sister-in-law, who had been cleaning out a vacant home in Carbon County, Pennsylvania. They had made a heartbreaking discovery: a pit bull was found locked in the attic.

Facebook/Jami Lassell

Jami soon arrived on the scene to help. “I said, ‘I’ll be there in 10 minutes and will come and pick her up,’” she told The Dodo. “And they’re like, ‘We’re just warning you, she’s completely skin and bones.”

Indeed, she arrived to a heartbreaking sight. It isn’t known exactly how long the dog was left alone for, but she was found living in squalor, with fleas, mange and some gruesome injuries.

“She had no food, no water, nothing,” Jami told WNEP. “She has feces and urine all over the room… Her back leg is broken. It healed on its own, so her kneecap is not connected, and a bone grew behind it.”

Making things even more heartbreaking is the fact that the dog seems to have sustained the injuries while desperately trying to escape the attic.

“She has a broken tooth probably from chewing the walls to get out,” Jami wrote on GoFundMe. “She also has extreme separation anxiety.”

Facebook/Jami Lassell

Jami decided to take the poor dog in and take care of her, and named her Remi. Despite everything the dog went through, she was a sweet dog who only wanted some love.

“Despite whatever horrors this poor baby was put through, she’s still as sweet as ever,” Jami wrote.

“She is the most loving dog I’ve ever met,” she told The Dodo. “As soon as she saw me, her tail started going — she just wanted love. She’s just a lovebug.

Living in her home, she says Remi has gotten along well with her other dogs and her young children.

Facebook/Jami Lassell

However, Remi’s injuries and health conditions required a lot of urgent medical attention — and the vet bills started adding up.

“They are going to do her shots. They cut her nails. They are going to fix that nail because it’s completely broken,” she told WNEP. “I have to go to the doggy dentist to get that tooth pulled because it’s all the way to her gums; she broke it off. Then she has to go to an actual surgeon for her leg.”

“They said it’s going to be expensive.”

To help pay for Remi’s bills, Jami started a GoFundMe account — and miraculously, people came through to help.

The page has surpassed its fundraising goal of $5,000, ensuring this dog will get all the care and attention she needs, without her rescuer having to foot the hefty vet bill all on her own.

Remi is now continuing her recovery, and thankfully she’ll never have to worry about being mistreated or abandoned ever again: Jami has adopted her new friend for good, giving this poor dog a very happy ending.

“Things are very hectic, but the house just seems like it’s complete now,” Jami told The Dodo. “We have two cats and two dogs, and she just completed it all. She’s my little babe.”

Facebook/Jami Lassell

We’re so glad that Remi is safe and on the road to recovery after such a heartbreaking ordeal. Thank you to Jami for rescuing and adopting this sweet dog!

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