Woman only shares her ice cream with one of her dogs — then reveals the hilarious reason why

It’s no secret that dogs love to eat, and most owners are happy to indulge them with a tasty treat now and then.

But dogs don’t always know how to pace themselves, or how to share their food with other pets, so sometimes you need to take precautions.

That’s what one hilarious viral video shows, as one dog owner makes it clear why she makes one of her dogs wait his turn for a sweet treat.

The video was shared by the YouTube channel Coopers Dogpatch. In the video, a woman takes her two dogs — little dog Daisy and bigger dog Cooper — to McDonalds and treats them to an ice cream cone.


However, the owner insists that only Daisy gets to eat the ice cream cone first, keeping Cooper from taking a lick himself.

At first, it seems like unfair preferential treatment towards Daisy, and it seems a bit mean to make Cooper wait even though he’s clearly hungry for some ice cream.

However, it soon becomes clear that the owner has a good reason for making Cooper eat second — and it’s better to watch the video for yourself to see the reason why:

Watch the video here:

“Because Cooper… eats his too fast!” the owner says.

Yes, Cooper chomps the ice cream — cone and all — down in one hilarious chomp. We’re not sure if dogs get brain freeze, but it’s apparently how Cooper likes to enjoy his treats.

It’s clear that this is a regular eating habit for Cooper, and the owner just wanted to make sure that Daisy got her share before Cooper inhaled the rest.


The hilarious video has been a viral hit, and has amassed over 10.5 million views on YouTube since 2014.

It’s delighted many people online, who both relate to the owner trying to handle her dogs’ weird eating habits and enjoying the video’s “twist ending.”

“I was starting to feel bad for Cooper until I saw the ending,” one comment reads.

“I felt bad for cooper at first but then suddenly I changed my mind,” another viewer wrote.

“This is still one of the best dog videos on YouTube,” another comment reads.

The owner has uploaded other videos of Cooper and Daisy, showing that while the dogs are friends, Cooper still doesn’t quite understand the concept of sharing his food:

This video never fails to make us laugh. Cooper might not be good at sharing his treats, but he’s still adorable!

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