Woman is amazed to see stranger leading ‘parade’ of stray animals down the street

Some people just have a way with animals, something that makes them trust them and follow them.

That’s definitely true for one woman, whose animal friends made her seem magical to onlookers as she led them down the street.

A woman named Dilara İlter was visiting her mother’s home in Turkey when she spotted a stranger walking down the block…

…with dozens of animals following her.


It was really a stunning sight: animals of all kinds—dogs, cats, even birds—followed the woman down the road, as if she was leading a parade.

Dilara watched in awe, wondering how the stranger could’ve gotten so many animals to follow her lead.

“I thought she was a wizard or something,” Dilara told The Dodo.

But then, her mother explained that the woman gathers up stray animals every day and feeds them.

The animals happily followed her lead because they knew they were in good hands, about to get some food and a little bit of love.

While she might not be a “wizard,” Dilara was still incredibly moved by the inspiring display.

“The scene was so poetic,” she said. “I was amazed how beautiful what she was doing for these animals.”


Helping out street animals is part of the culture in Turkey: many people will leave out food and water for their local strays, or provide shelter. The woman considered her work a thankless job.

Still, she didn’t go unrecognized: a video of the “parade” tweeted by Dilara has been viewed over a million times.

What an amazing video! These animals clearly know they’re in good hands. Share this inspiring story!