Woman has to buy lotto ticket after her golden retriever chewed it – is stunned after scratching it off

Our pets can get into mischief from time to time, but sometimes it can lead to some surprising upsides. That was the case recently, when one woman’s golden retriever proved to be her lucky charm.

On February 15, a woman named Lin was out shopping with her pet golden retriever in Dongguan, China. But the dog got free from his leash and darted off, running into a lottery shop, according to Singapore news outlet Asia One.

When Lin caught up to her mischievous pet, she found he had already bit into one of the lottery scratch-offs, forcing her to purchase it.


While no one likes to have to buy something they didn’t intend to, and Lin was probably a little disappointed in her pet, it led to a surprising silver lining.

Lin scratched off the lotto ticket her dog had picked out, and discovered that it was actually a winner โ€” she won 1,000 yuan, or about $139 USD.


“I was so surprised,” Lin said, according to Asia One. “I’ve never won such a large sum of money in a lottery.”

Lin and her golden retriever bought another ticket the next day, and won again, this time 30 yuan (about $4.17 USD). Sensing that her dog was her lucky charm, she used part of her winnings to buy him treats and extra meals.

The news went viral on local social media, with many praising the lucky dog and joking that they need to get their own golden retriever to turn their fortunes around.

If only we could teach them to fetch winning lottery tickets! ๐Ÿคฃ This is one retriever who is truly worth his weight in gold!

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