Woman gives her grandma the sweetest surprise

Dogs are amazing, loving animals that have the power to brighten anyone’s day. Who hasn’t been cheered up by the sight of a good dog?

Dogs can be especially comforting to people who are sick. Unfortunately, hospitals don’t often allow dogs to be in patients rooms — but one woman found a very clever way to sneak her dog in to visit her grandma.

In 2017, Shelby Hennick’s grandmother Dona was hospitalized after having a bad reaction to some medication she was taking, according to Buzzfeed News.

While getting ready to visit her grandma, Shelby, a veterinary technician from California, knew the perfect way to make her grandma’s day: by bringing along Dona’s little dog Patsy for a visit.


But because pets were not allowed in the hospital, Shelby had to get creative. She wrapped the little dog in a blanket, and held it in a way where it looked like the dog was her baby:

Thankfully, the dog knew to play along with the charade: “Patsy was quiet the whole time and actually kept licking my arm,” Shelby told Buzzfeed News.


It worked like a charm, and staff at the hospital just waved her through, not suspecting she was sneaking in a dog.

The act fooled Dona, too: according to Buzzfeed, she thought Shelby was carrying in her sister’s baby. But when she revealed she had actually brought Patsy in to see her, the grandma was delighted.

And Patsy was very happy to see his owner: “Patsy kept crying and couldn’t get close enough,” Shelby said.


Shelby shared the story on Twitter, and it quickly went viral with over 100,000 retweets. Many users praised her creativity, saying that while it went against the rules it was worth it to make her grandma’s day.

“Naughty, but so kind, bet it was better than any pill or injection,” one user replied.

“So heart warming,” another wrote. “I bet the dog was happier too.”

What a heartwarming story! This little dog made this grandma’s day — good job sneaking him in 😁

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