Woman finds the unthinkable in the front seat of her husband’s car

A woman in Scotland was looking out her window one morning when she saw something strange.

A car stopped outside her house. At first, she didn’t think so much about it, but just watched the car to see what the driver did.

The man got out of his car — and walked over to the woman’s husband’s car. Then he opened the unlocked car door and put something in the front seat.

The woman immediately got up and ran out to see what was going on.

When the woman got outside, the man was already gone. She hurried her husband’s car to see what the man had done.

There in the front seat was a terrified and confused dog.

Scottish SPCA

The woman was shocked. How could anyone just leave a dog in a stranger’s car like that?

She could see that the dog was skinny and unkempt. She didn’t really know what to do with him, so she contacted her local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

Scottish SPCA

Soon, some animal advocates arrived at the woman’s house so they could care for the poor dog.

The rescue team named the dog Kenny. Even though they didn’t know where he came from, they knew he had been though a lot in his life.

Fortunately, Kenny’s spirit wasn’t broken. He was still kind and loving to everyone around him. It’s hard to understand how someone could abandon this sweet dog.

Scottish SPCA

The police are now investigating who abandoned Kenny. They’ve collected security footage from the area to try to identify the man in the car. I really hope they find him!

But regardless, Kenny will never have to go back to his cruel former owner. Now, he’s now waiting to be adopted by a new loving home — a home where he never has to be afraid of being abandoned.

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