Woman finds lifeless dog on beach: When it refuses to eat, she realizes the sad truth

What would our world be without the kindhearted animal lovers out there?

A boring, dark and cold place, if you ask me.

But fortunately it isn’t, thanks to people like Megan Rose from New York.

She loves dogs and looks at animals the way a mother looks at her children. If an animal needs help, she doesn’t hesitate to help — just the kind of person I respect so much!

When Megan and her boyfriend went on vacation to the Dominican Republic, they expected it would be like every other yearly vacation they’ve taken there. But this trip would be different.

It all started when the couple went to the beach and saw something out of the ordinary.

“About 20 minutes in (to our trip), we’re, like, walking on the beach, and I was like … ‘I bet there’s a dog over there.’ And (my boyfriend) was like, ‘Don’t go over there, this is not why we’re here,'” Megan told the Western Journal.

Megan decided to check on the animal and she discovered a short-haired dog with black and white fur.

Her first thought when she saw the dog, whom she later named Rumba, was that she was acting quite strangely.

Megan soon realized that Rumba was homeless, hungry and dehydrated. So Megan and her boyfriend went to buffet at the hotel where they were staying, picked up some sausages, cut them up and put on the sand in front of Rumba.

You might think that Rumba would’ve rushed to the food and vacuumed it up. But she did nothing of the sort. Instead, she gingerly picked up the sausage and ran away.

“She would pick one up and go bury it 10 feet away. She’d come back, pick up another, bury it 15 feet away,” Megan explained.

It took Megan a while to understood the dog’s strange behavior. And the truth shattered her heart.

Rumba didn’t bury the food because she wasn’t hungry. On the contrary, she buried her food because she thought she might never get any more.

That was when Megan realized that she had to do everything in her power to help.

Megan decoded to fly Rumba to New York and find a foster home for her. And thanks to the help of a local dog rescue organization, she managed to get Rumba home to the United States.

Everything went well — except when Rumba came out of her cage at the airport in New York…

“We opened the crate, and Rhumba jumped out and peed all over me,” Megan said. “I’ve never been more excited to be peed on.”

Megan and her boyfriend already had two dogs, but they soon made the decision to adopt Rumba.

“I thought that my capacity for love for a dog was capped… And then I met her, and it’s on this whole other level. There’s no cap when it comes to these creatures,” said Megan.

It’s thanks to animal lovers like Megan that many formerly homeless dogs get a second chapter in life! Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something.

Thanks to Megan for giving this adorable dog a much better future! Share if you also became happy to read this!