Woman finds dog covered in strange wounds – animal lover takes him in and realizes the seriousness

The number of stray dogs is rising and in some cities the numbers have reached such epic proportions the competition for food and shelter is fierce.

As well as the struggle to survive and living an unloved life, most stray dogs are in pain due to untreated medical issues and injuries that have gone for years without treatment.

In Mexico City there are over a million stray dogs wandering the streets trying to survive and for those with serious medical issues the future is anything but positive.

When an animal lover spotted one particular dog in the street, she was shocked by his appearance and couldn’t ignore him.


Not only was he very skinny, his whole body was covered in sore lumps, some open and infected.

She was compelled to pick him up there and then and find help. I wonder how many people had walked past this dog and didn’t want to touch him, let alone try and help him.


The passerby took the dog to local animal rights activist Dalia Gamez, who called him Boby and got him the treatment he needed, according to Little Things.

A veterinarian determined that Boby was around 2 years old and his tumors were indeed cancerous, and he started on a series of chemotherapy sessions.


Dalia was told Boby’s malnourished body may not be strong enough to take the chemotherapy sessions, but they had no idea how strong his spirit was.

He made it through 8 chemotherapy sessions in two months and throughout it all, Dalia was by his side.

After his treatment had finished he started to return to the handsome dog he once was; his tumors disappeared, his fur started to grow back and he gained weight.


His amazing transformation was documented on her Facebook page and his story has been shared around the world.

He not only became an online celebrity but a local one with Dalia’s neighbors lining up to pet the healthy hound. As word spread a new family was found for Boby and he now enjoys all the love and fun a dog deserves.

Dalia Gámez activista por los animales que transforma vidas. " boby " tenía llagas expuestas en todo su cuerpo y una…

Posted by Sharon Dennis on Thursday, January 29, 2015

I’m sure Dalia misses him but is comforted by the thought Boby is now healthy and happy and I’m sure there’s plenty more needy dogs that will benefit from Dalia’s big heart.

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