Woman fell in love with shelter dog, but was too busy to adopt — comes back months later and sees her friend still waiting for her

It’s hard not to immediately fall in love with a beautiful shelter dog, but sometimes people are in life situations where they’re unable to adopt a pet.

But months after their first meeting, a happy ending finally came around for one woman and the dog who stole her heart.

A dog named Cocoa has been in the care of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay for many months. In January, a woman named Brianna visited the shelter and “fell deeply in love” with the dog, according to a Facebook post.

However, due to a busy schedule and life changes, Brianna felt she couldn’t commit to adopting a dog. But she “never stopped thinking about Cocoa,” and promised that, if Cocoa was still available when she was settled in, she would come back to adopt.

Three months later, Brianna contacted the shelter, now ready to commit to the responsibility of adopting a dog.

She asked about her old friend Cocoa — and to her amazement, she learned that the dog was still available!

“Brianna spent the week getting supplies to make sure Cocoa would be comfortable and happy and rushed in on Saturday morning to adopt her!” Humane Society of Tampa Bay wrote.

Even more amazingly, it seemed Cocoa remembered her too, and was thrilled to finally be going off to her new home. “Cocoa immediately covered Brianna in kisses when she first saw her again, and jumped straight into the car at the end she knew this would be her last time at the shelter!”

We’ve heard too many stories of dogs adopted from shelters, only to be returned because their busy owners didn’t have time for them. Waiting for the right time to adopt was definitely the right move, and we’re so glad sweet Cocoa was still there waiting for her!

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