Woman dies of cancer – then her dog walks into funeral and makes it heartbreaking

Woman dies of cancer – then her dog walks into funeral and makes it heartbreaking

The dog Belinha and her owner, Telma Maria, were inseparable for four years.

Telma Maria adopted Belinha when she was a little puppy, and from that point on, they had been best friends.

But unfortunately, life is sometimes unfair. A month ago, Telma Maria lost a long battle with cancer.

But her dog, Belinha, was at her side the whole time — even after Telma Maria passed away.

The friendship between a dog and its owner can be incredibly strong, as everyone who has ever had a dog knows.

Telma Maria and Belinha from Brazil were no exception.

Dionísio Neto

Telma Maria fought cancer for a long time and Belinha was by her side the whole time.

“Mom used to say she was her nurse,” Telma Maria’ son Dionísio Neto told the newspaper Estadão.

Dionísio Neto

After a long illness, Telma Maria passed away, surrounded by her family and Belinha.

Before the funeral, everyone gathered and mourned together and Belinha sat quietly next to them. She understood.

Dionísio Neto

But during the funeral, Belinha shocked everyone. She went to Telma Maria’s coffin and took a look at the top of the coffin and stayed by close throughout the ceremony.

She wanted to be by her mom’s side until the end.

Dionísio Neto

After the funeral, Belinha was anxious and sad. It was as if she wanted to know where her mom was.

So the family decided to bring her to Telma Maria’s grave.

As soon as they reached the grave, Belinha rushed to Telma Maria’s grave, even though she had never been there before.

Again, she showed the incredibly strong bond she had with her mom.

Dionísio Neto

“Even in death, my mother proves that love isn’t just for humans. My mother and Belinha show that the love of animals is bigger than many people can imagine,” said Telma Maria’s son Dionísio Neto.

Dionísio Neto

Belinha now lives with Dionísio, whom she already knows and feels safe with. But she will probably never forget her mom.

I was so moved by this story. The love between humans and animals can be so strong.

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