Woman dedicates life to helping disabled dogs who nobody else wants

This animal hero’s experience with her own disabled dog led her to dedicate her life to helping those dogs who are often overlooked.

It’s hard enough to find homes for the countless cute dogs that need a loving home let alone the dogs who have disabilities.

What a great 2 years. Happy Gotcha Day to my sweet,sassy,stubborn little girl. LOVE YOU!!

Posted by The Fowler Herd on Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Tracey Fowler of Mendon, Vermont, had a tough experience with her own German Shepherd dog Hayden when she was told he had degenerative myelopathy.

His condition led her sweet dog to become paralyzed and Tracey had to find a way to help her dog so decided to try out a cart.

I knew today didn’t feel right. I started my paperwork for my shoveling job and saw the date and automaticity knew why….

Posted by The Fowler Herd on Thursday, February 13, 2020

Tracey said the cart didn’t cause any issues for Hayden and he never slowed down, as if he had been in the cart his whole life.

When Hayden passed away Tracey was left devastated and wanted to continue caring for dogs that would normally be overlooked.

Tracey started to adopt more dogs with special needs to honor her pup’s memory and today has 7 dogs, 5 of them in carts.

Thanks to Tracey her pack is living life to the full and get to enjoy an area around her home where they have the freedom to play. When it snows she replaces her dogs’ carts with skis.

But it isn’t all about what Tracey can do for her dogs, the animal hero says her dogs make her happy, and her heart will always be full as long as she has her furry friends in carts.

All about the same. Which one do you guys like better? On another note I’ve tried 11 times to post yesterday’s video….

Posted by The Fowler Herd on Saturday, November 9, 2019

Thank goodness for animal heroes like Tracey who give these dogs the happy lives they deserve. Please share.