Woman caught stealing dog who was about to be adopted from shelter — charged with animal cruelty

An animal shelter was the victim of a strange and shocking crime after one of their shelter dogs — who was set to be adopted — was stolen by someone pretending to be a volunteer.

On September 5, Huntington Cabell Wayne Animal Shelter, in West Virginia, announced that one of their dogs, Alfie, was stolen from the shelter. Alfie had just been groomed and was set to be picked up by his new adopted family that afternoon.

The woman who took him was caught on camera: the shelter says she entered the shelter looking at the animals when she asked if she could walk Alfie, claiming that she had completed a volunteer waiver.

She was told that Alfie was being adopted, but got in her car and took off with the dog. The animal shelter shared photos off the suspect, offering a reward and hoping someone would recognize her from her distinct tattoos.

Thankfully, the woman was found and Alfie was recovered safely. The suspect was identified as 29-year-old Kara Gibson, who was charged with unlawfully obtaining a companion animal and animal cruelty, both misdemeanors, according to WSAZ.

And best of all, Alfie made it to his new home. “I so much appreciate everybody’s concern on Alfie. He is now at his new home,” the dog’s new adopter wrote in the comments. “Thanks to all that put out info on him. He already seems at home. We are so very happy to have him and will take very good care of him.”

It’s unbelievable that anyone would steal a dog from a shelter like that, especially one who was set to go to a new home, but we’re glad Alfie was recovered and the suspect was charged.

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