Woman buys ”cute puppy” in the pet store: 1 year later, she realizes her big mistake

When you make that decision to get a dog it’s such an exciting time, researching breeds and finding out which dog would suit your family home best.

But what if you were to buy a dog which turned out not to be a dog at all?

That was exactly what happened to a woman called Ms. Wang from China, according to Animal Channel .

What she thought was a Japanese Spitz turned out to be something completely different, but only after she’d been caring for it for months.

When (what she thought was) the puppy turned three months old, its appearance began to change. Its fur got thicker, its face became pointy and its tail grew longer than that of a normal dog.

“The fur got thicker when it reached three months old. Its face became pointy and its tail grew longer than that of a normal dog,” she reportedly told a Chinese media outlet.

Other dogs seemed to be afraid of it so she had to always keep it on a leash.

vit räv
Pixabay / StockSnap (Generic image.)

Finally, she decided to seek advice from an expert.

She took the ‘dog’ to her local zoo and staff were shocked to see this animal that she was calling a dog and walking on a leash.

It turns out the ‘dog’ was actually a fox.

vit räv
Flickr / koorosh B (Generic picture of a fox)

Apparently, foxes can look like dogs when they are puppies but as they get older their features can change considerably. The biggest difference is the smell which gets worse as they get older.

It’s hard to imagine buying a dog that turns out to be a fox but apparently foxes are common in Asia and many stores sell them as pets. Unfortunately, prospective shoppers can be told that these foxes are dogs just so they can earn a profit.

Thankfully the zoo agreed to take the fox in and quarantined him before introducing him to other animals, including other foxes. Now he’s in an environment that is right for him and getting the right diet.

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Pixabay / OSHIKAWA

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