Woman adopts unwanted puppy — weeks later it gives her this and reveals its secret

All dogs have their own unique personalities, and that’s really what makes me love them all the more.

Unfortunately, despite his charming personality, no one was interested in adopting the little puppy in this story. No one, that is, until one particular woman came across him… and fell in love.

But what the dog did weeks later would make her jaw drop — and truly revealed just how unique and special he was.

For a homeless dog, one second can change its whole life. That was the case for little Penny, who was discovered roaming around a park in the US.

Penny was taken to an animal shelter where she lived until she found a new family. Sadly, it took a long time for Penny to be adopted and find a new home.


But, as mentioned, one second can change everything in the life of a stray dog. And for Penny, it was the second she met Leonora.

Leonora fell in love with Penny at first sight and took her as her new family member. She could not understand how the little dog, who was so sweet and calm, could not find a home earlier. But one thing she would soon learn was that Penny was also not like other dogs.

Penny was unusually smart — perhaps because she’d spent so much time on her own.


Smarter than anyone could believe

Leonora began to teach Penny different things, such as sitting, giving kisses and other small tricks.

But as Penny was such a fast learner, Leonora decided to try something more difficult. Understanding different shapes and patterns is not easy for dogs. But when Leonora asked Penny to spell her name with toy letters in front of her, she realized that Penny was very gifted. She succeeded.


Needless to say, Penny, at just eight months old, is an incredible little dog. I’m so glad she found such a nice home with Leonora. Hopefully, the two will have countless moments of love and joy to share with each other moving forward.

Watch Penny spell her name in the video below. 

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