When a dog got loose on a busy highway, everyone slowed down to help get him to safety

It’s amazing when people go out of their way to help an animal in need, but it’s even more amazing when it’s a whole group of people.

In an inspiring coordinated effort, a group of strangers teamed up to save the day when a dog got loose and was in serious danger.

On November 10, a driver was involved in an accident on Beltway 8 in Houston, Texas. His dog then escaped and ran loose on the busy highway.


The dog ran half a mile down, and was in real danger of getting hit. But driver Toby Tinelli witnessed something incredible: all the cars stopped until the dog was safe.

“The entire highway slowed down to help catch it,” Toby wrote on Twitter. “Everyone helped and it was beautiful.”

People got out and ran after the dog, trying to grab his leash. Working together, they were able to get him to safety. Toby caught the inspiring sight on camera:

Normally drivers aren’t the most understanding when it comes to traffic: we’ve all been bumper-to-bumper with a highway full of impatient commuters. But in this case at least, everyone was willing to do their part.

“It was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen,” Toby tweeted. “Not a single horn honked or anything. Everybody stopped and helped.”

“Every car stopped and patiently went 5-10 mph to keep up with the pups movement,” he added. “No horn honks or cars flying around on the shoulder either.”

The heroic bystanders were able to reunite the dog with its owner, who had been running down the highway after him after the accident.

The dog had a bloody, cut paw, but was otherwise unharmed, thanks to the considerate teamwork of these everyday heroes.

“I was praying for a positive result and thankfully that’s what we got,” Toby told The Dodo. “I can’t believe how great everyone was to be patient and work together to help that poor dog. I am blessed to live in a community that has such great people in it.”

It takes a village to save a dog. Thank you to all these kindhearted people for helping out! Share this inspiring story!