UPS driver stops to save two dogs from drowning in a pool

It’s always inspiring when every day people step up to be heroes. Many times pets and animals get into danger and need human help, and those in the right place at the right time step up to save the day.

And in many cases, the every day heroes have been delivery drivers: because they often stop by peoples’ houses when no one is around, they can be life-savers when disaster strikes.

That was the case recently, as one UPS driver saved two dogs from drowning in a pool.

According to KMEG, UPS driver Colin Mitchell was dropping off a package at a couple’s home in Ireton, Iowa, when he noticed two dogs were in the swimming pool.

Sensing something was out of the ordinary, Colin knocked on the door. He realized the owners were not home, and the dogs were unsupervised.

It turned out the pet dogs had gotten over the homeowner’s locked pool gate, and were struggling to stay afloat. “I could see a dog hanging on the side of the pool and I could see a dog swimming around on the solar cover,” Colin recalled to KMEG.

The smaller of the two dogs, named Groot, was easy to fetch from the pool. But the other dog Remington weighed 90 pounds, took some time to pull out.

With the two dogs safely in the yard, Colin got back in his truck and continued his route. The homeowners, Jeff and Rebecca Marra, later learned what the UPS driver did and thanked him for saving their dogs’ lives.

“If it weren’t for him we wouldn’t have dogs, that’s no question about it and I would say that he is a hero,” the couple told the news outlet.

According to KTIV, the couple said the dogs would’ve been in the pool for three more hours if Colin hadn’t stopped to help.

It’s easy to imagine how tragic things could’ve gone — unable to get out of the pool, the dogs may have gotten tired and drowned.

Thankfully, this UPS driver was there at the time and went out of his way to save their lives.

Thank you to Colin for going above and beyond to save these beautiful dogs from drowning! You’re a true hero!

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