UPS driver stops in the road when he sees a puppy thrown out of a car

UPS driver stops in the road when he sees a puppy thrown out of a car

A UPS driver had his own package to pick up on one of his recent rounds after he was witness to a horrific act of animal cruelty.

Jason Harcrow, who works for UPS in California, was out delivering when a car stopped in front of him and he saw the upsetting sight.

The driver of the car stopped, opened the car door and dumped a puppy before driving off.

What Jason did next has earned him the praise of animal lovers around the world.

Photo: andreas160578 from Pixabay

Jason was shocked by such a callous act and fearing the puppy in danger immediately stepped into action.

He ran and picked the helpless puppy up before she ran out into the busy street.

“He was unable to get a license plate number, but was able to quickly stop and snag the puppy before it darted into traffic,” Hughson Police wrote in a Facebook post.

Jason took the puppy to the local police station where they handed her over to animal services.

“The puppy is in great spirits and will most likely be up for adoption at Stanislaus County Animal Shelter,” Hughson Police wrote on Facebook.

As a devoted UPS driver Jason rushed back to his duties without giving his name but after police posted a picture of him, his fellow coworkers were quick to identify the animal hero.

“We’re very proud of him,” UPS supervisor Jessica Lafferty told the Modesto Bee. “He’s a very good guy.”

Let’s hope this puppy finds the loving home she deserves; thanks to Jason her future would have been a lot bleaker.

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