Ukrainian soldiers find stray puppy in the freezing cold, adopt him as their ‘protector’

The escalating conflict in Ukraine amidst an invasion by Russian troops has shocked and saddened people around the world.

But despite everything, people have found hope in inspiring stories of resistance from the people of Ukraine. Like one sweet video, which shows Ukrainian soldiers adopting a sweet stray dog as their guardian.

The viral video shows an unexpectedly sweet scene in the middle of all the chaos and fighting: one group of soldiers stationed to defend Ukraine introduce their newest recruit, a puppy named “Rambo.”


The soldiers took Rambo in after finding him on the street. “We felt sorry for him. It was freezing outside,” the soldiers explain in the video. “We took him into our post, and he stayed with us.”

While the tiny dog doesn’t look like he’s much of a soldier, the troop says their new companion has been helping them out, acting as their “protector.”


“He is our watchdog,” a soldier explains. “He can hear very well if there is a stranger nearby.”

“Rambo is doing a good job! Best doggo.”


It’s a sad reminder that in the middle of this conflict are just regular people tasked with defending their country, the kind of people who will still take the time to look after a sweet dog.

A dog’s love can be a powerful thing, and hopefully Rambo gives these soldiers a morale boost to help them through this dark hour.


“It that kind of emotionally charged situation, any relief is welcome I’m sure,” one comment on Reddit reads, after the video went viral. “A puppy is an amazing thing. I sincerely hope nobody gets hurt.”

“I hope with all my heart that both he and the soldiers he guards never have to work,” another wrote.

We are praying for peace in Ukraine, and hope that this sweet dog makes it through the conflict safe and sound — and continues to be a guardian for his new friends.

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