Two husky puppies were abandoned over fence — but after a remarkable recovery they’re been adopted

It’s truly heartbreaking when animals are cruelly abandoned by their owners, but thankfully there are also kind people willing to give these pets a second chance.

That was the case recently, when two husky does were tossed out of a truck and left in terrible shape — but after a remarkable recovery, the dogs are getting the happy ending they deserve.

Last month, Jackson County Animal Shelter, in Michigan, shared a video of a man in a blue Dodge truck dropping two husky dogs over a 6-foot fence onto the shelter’s property.

The shelter said that the two dogs were injured and “severely emaciated.” It was evident that they had been living a life of neglect: the dogs were dangerously underweight and suffering from malnutrition and parasites.

The pups were about 6 months old. One is male and the other is female.

The shelter appealed to the public to help find who abandoned the near-death dogs, and one person tipped off the shelter, leading investigators to find the owner, according to WILX. The owner admitted to abandoning the pups, though it’s not clear if they will face any charges.

In the meantime, the husky pups began their road to recovery. They were placed in foster care together and both started to gain a few pounds.

Weeks after being abandoned, there has been an incredible update: the dogs have been adopted!

“From suffering from neglect, malnutrition and parasites then being thrown over a fence…these 2 survivors are now ready for to live their best life in a loving home!” Jackson County Animal Shelter wrote on October 6.

The shelter confirmed in a statement to FOX Television Stations that the puppies have been adopted as a pair, and will be “continuing their recovery and weight gain” in their new home.

It’s heartbreaking to think anyone would treat their dogs like this, but we’re so glad these beautiful huskies made an amazing recovery and now have a new home together ❤️

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