Two German shepherds dumped in mountains survive two weeks before heroes rescue them

Too many animals are dumped outside shelters because their owners can no longer care for them.

But many animals are just dumped in places with no means of getting food and water, an offence which can lead to time in jail or a hefty fine.

In California two young male German shepherds were abandoned in steep remote mountains.

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A passerby spotted the frightened hounds near Bridal Veil Falls and tried to help them but they got scared and ran away, choosing to hide in dangerous terrain making it hard to reach them.

Animal rescuers were called to help but they faced a tough task ahead of them.

The longer the dogs were left in the harsh mountain environment the more malnourished and dehydrated they became. They were also wearing metal chains which were digging deeper into their necks.

For two weeks the pups survived while rescuers searched the area in the hope of finding them. They put down humane traps and food to tempt them but nothing seemed to be working.

South Tahoe Now

“It boggles my mind, to see people abandon animals, just dump them,” El Dorado County Animal Services Chief Henry Brzezinski told CBS Sacramento.

So the team had to get creative and built a large wire enclosure with a trap door and a camera.

They watched them day and night using all different foods to try and tempt them.

“We tried everything from hanging T-bone steaks all the way to what caught them was some cat food and liver pate,” one of the officers told CBS News.


After the dogs were finally caught they were taken for a medical exam where they were found to be malnourished and required surgery to remove the metal chains that had become embedded in their necks.

They were transported to a shelter and given the names Toby and Ash.

“They both were very scared at first, but they’re starting to feel more comfortable, eating and responding to follow up care by our shelter staff. We expect them to fully recover,” said Brzezinski.

Animal services are appealing for anyone with any information as to who dumped the dogs to get in touch.


I’m so thankful that these animal heroes pulled out all the stops to get these dogs to safety. Whoever did this needs to be caught and punished.

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