Two dogs left paralyzed in Ukraine walk again after receiving custom wheelchairs

Two dogs left paralyzed in Ukraine walk again after receiving custom wheelchairs

Ukraine has been suffering a devastating war since Russia began an invasion back in February. The conflict has claimed the lives of at least 14,000 casualties, according to the UN.

The war has also taken a toll on Ukraine’s animals: pets and zoo animals have been caught in the line of fire, suffering injuries or worse.

But two dogs who were injured in Ukraine are now getting a second chance, after receiving new, custom wheelchairs to get them back on their feet.

According to a press release from Walkin’ Pets, Tom, a British army vet and the founder of Founder of Breaking the Chains Animal Rescue, has been helping animals caught in combat zones in Ukraine.

Two of the dogs he rescued are named Johnny and Phoenix, who both suffered paralyzing injuries in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Johnny’s back legs were paralyzed after being shot by the Russian military, while Phoenix was hit by an airstrike that took his two back feet and injured his front paw.

It’s heartbreaking to think of what these dogs suffered through, but thankfully they’ve been getting the help they need. BTC stepped up to take the dogs in and give them medical care.

Tom said the dogs showed incredible resilience despite everything.

“Showing his will and desire to live he crawled around a mile to the safety of local rescuers who took Johnny in,” a Facebook post reads.

But to truly give these dogs the lives they deserve, the organization teamed up with Walkin’ Pets, a nonprofit that provides custom mobility devices to animals in need.

According to their press release, Walkin’ Pets donated doggy wheelchairs for both Johnny and Phoenix, and the two dogs are now living their best lives.

“Johnny is an absolute lunatic; he just wants to be running around,” Tom said. “I know the moment we put him in that wheelchair, and he gets the grips of it, he’s going to be off. I am not looking forward to chasing after him.”

“The wheelchair will also help him gain some strength in his back legs. It will be a great tool for them both mentally and physically.”

Now “back on their feet,” both dogs will soon be up for adoption and search for their forever homes.

After getting their new wheels, both dogs will need a family who can keep up with these eager, energetic rescues.

“Phoenix is such special, happy and loving dog who needs a very special home like every dog that can facilitate not only his high wheel chair speeds but also the abundance of love he gives,” the rescue wrote on Facebook.

“Johnny is the most loving and lively of boys, always eager to be roaming around,” another post reads. Johnny loves his wheels and enjoys nothing more than running around in them showing of his skills in his new rims.”

What beautiful dogs, inside and out. It’s heartbreaking what they went through, but we’re so glad they can get around on their own again, and hope they find new homes soon!

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