Trooper was on his way to work when he saw a dog trapped on the ice — grabbed a paddleboard

Police officers are always ready to save an animal in need, even at the most unexpected times. Recently, one trooper was on his way to work when he saw a pup in distress — and hit the waves to make an inspiring rescue.

According to a Facebook post from New Jersey State Police, Trooper Michael Betz was on his way to perform administrative duties a nearby substation, but duty called before he even clocked in to work.

The trooper saw a dog out on the ice in Lake Hopatcong. He reportedly made several attempts to coax the dog towards the shoreline, but the frightened dog wouldn’t budge.

Then, the dog fell through the ice and was struggling to stay afloat in the freezing water. The dog finally found his footing on a rock formation, but still couldn’t make it to dry land.

Trooper Betz knew he had to step up to help. He put on his dry suit and used a nearby paddleboard to go out onto the water and retrieve the dog:

Betz and the dog soon made it back to the shore. According to New Jersey State Police, the dog, named “Georgy,” was soon happily reunited with his owners.

Many people thanked Trooper Betz for going out of his way to save this trapped dog and bring him home safe.

“Great story! So many good people in the word. Thank you Sir!” one comment reads.

“Great Job! Thanks for taking the time to help this terrified little pup,” another wrote.

We’re so glad Georgy is home safe and sound! Thank you to Trooper Betz for saving him! ❤️

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