Trapped inside a box and dumped like garbage, this young mama cried out to save her 9 newborn puppies

There are plenty of people the world over who dream of getting a dog. That’s especially true when Christmas season rolls around.

Of course, it’s not difficult to see why. Dogs have earned their moniker as man’s best friend, and can be truly amazing companions if given a good home.

Sadly, there’s one thing some people simply fail to grasp: dogs are family members, and must not be discarded simply because of a change of circumstance at home.

To me, it is completely incomprehensible that someone could trap a young mum and her nine helpless newborn pups in a small box. But that’s exactly what happened to Casey, a sweet border collie-husky mix, and her nine puppies.

They were found earlier this year in a sealed box at the Puntzi Lake landfill by a good Samaritan. The sealed box had been left in the remote area, in extreme temperatures with no food or water. Inside this little prison, Casey was unable to even lift her head, but still she was doing her best to protect her nine puppies.


Luckily, Casey and her pups were soon rushed to the closest BC SPCA shelter and quickly treated for dehydration and malnutrition. Nobody really knew if all would survive, but thanks to prompt care and a strong effort by the team at BC SPCA, all puppies lived.

The litter got the necessary care and love they needed. What’s more, when they were old enough they were adopted into new, loving families.

But what happened to Casey, the brave mama dog?

It turns out that she’s been reunited with her rightful guardian. Casey had been stolen many months earlier. Rebecca Perry, Casey’s owner, remembers the day she got a lot of links sent to her about a rescue story, saying Casey looked like her dog Meredith.


“I was sitting out the back of my work crying because I was like I really hope this isn’t Meredith but if it is then I will fight to get her back because I tried numerous times before to go up and get her back,” Perry told Mycariboonow.

Before being found in a sealed box, Meredith lived with Perry’s ex and family, who Perry says refused to give her back.

“It was really hard seeing all of the social media and everything saying that the owners should be punished which I agree, but once I had it on my page that it was Meredith and she was my dog a lot of people were saying that I was involved with it. It was really hard to read and I was getting super emotional over it,” Perry said.


Fortunately, Meredith was reunited with her rightful owner. Since then, Perry says Meredith has gained some weight and is getting back to her normal self.

“It took her time to adjust to being back at my house. Obviously she is an inside and and outside dog, and when I’d go to work the next morning because I had taken August 3rd off to go and get her, she would follow me down the highway. She got out of the fence, so it was really hard for her to leave me,” Perry said.

Thankful she and her little ones are ok🙏🏻. God bless all who helped and saved this beautiful life. Thank you BC SPCA for all you do, and for all the wonderful people who genuinely love and have compassion for animals. It’s a wonderful world with animal friends – share this story if you agree!