Tragic update: Viral faithful dog dies after hit-and-run

The famous and loyal stray dog who made headlines for waiting for his human who had passed away has joined him in the after-life.

According to the Animal Kingdom Foundation, the dog Buboy was run over by a vehicle on Wednesday morning.

“Run free #Buboy. Gone too soon. Every animal-loving Filipino mourns today,” the group said in a statement.




Buboy was running after a guard crossing the highway when the dog was run over by a vehicle while, according to a teacher at MCC.

A group of volunteers rushed over to the campus to help Buboy, but i was too late.

They dog was lifeless and died on the scene.

“This mind-numbing incident, a tragic end to Buboy’s story, mirrors how we neglect the loyal and loving askals — exposing them to dangers even when we have the chance to take care of them. They deserve better — loving families and secured homes,” it said according to ABS-CBN.

AKF mourns the tragic, untimely passing of the loyal Askal, Buboy. Initial reports say that the dog was ran over by a…

Posted by Animal Kingdom Foundation on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Several years ago, Buboy, made friends with Professor Carmelito Marcelo at Mabalacat City College in Pampanga, Philippines.

Marcelo took care of Buboy for four years before falling ill.

One day, Marcelo’s colleague, Kristina Demafelix, noticed that even though Marcelo hadn’t seen Buboy for two weeks, the loyal dog continued to wait for his friend outside the faculty room.

It was at that point she made the decision to bring the dog to see his friend… one last time.

Unfortunately, in the two weeks since the buddies had last seen each other Marcelo became sick and had to go to the hospital. He eventually passed away.

Demafelix brought Buboy to Marcelo’s wake. Buboy leaned over Marcelo’s coffin to say a final goodbye to his friend and then to lied on the ground, never leaving Marcelo’s side.

The pictures and the story went viral all over the world.

Run free now Buboy! It’s just sad that you meet your faith that way.

But I am sure you will be very happy now that you are now in the loving hands of God. ?