Tiny lion cub stumbles out; now try not to smile when you hear the sound it makes

When we think of a lion, we think of a ferocious animal; a beast that we wouldn’t want to get near for fear of losing our lives.

They’re referred to as “King of the Jungle” for a reason.

But in the video you’re about to see, a lion cub opens its mouth to let out a roar, but the sound that comes out makes me just want to pick it up and give it a hug, rather than run a mile screaming.

More than half a million people watched this adorable clip in two days and when you see it you’ll understand why.

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For those lucky enough to see a lion in the flesh (or fur) they are mighty creatures. There is something fascinating about these beautiful beasts.

The fact that ‘The Lion King’ has become such a much-loved Disney movie and Broadway show is telling of this creature’s popularity.

But all mighty beasts have to start somewhere and this lion cub clearly has a long way to go before it’s anywhere near the kind of ferocious animal you would expect a lion to be.

As this adorable lion cub emerges from the tall grass, he waddles, sniffing the area around him. Then he opens his mouth to let out a roar.

But what actually comes out is the cutest sound ever.

See for yourself in the clip below. I can’t get enough of this cute sound.

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