This hotel will deliver wine and puppies right to your room

This hotel will deliver wine and puppies right to your room

When you go on vacation, sometimes you just gotta treat yourself. One way to do that is to order room service—nothing says the high life better than getting food and drinks personally delivered to your hotel room.

But one hotel has taken that service a step further, going beyond the usual menu to give guests what they really want: Sparkling wine and puppies.

The Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Denver is offering a promotion called the “Puppies + Prosecco Package,” which lives up to its name.

Guests who stay in a luxury suite between August 23 and August 26 (National Dog Day) can request a “private puppy party” with dogs from Colorado’s Lifeline Puppy Rescue, a no-kill shelter.

“At Hotel Monaco, we are always looking for advanced elements of comfort and feelings of home for our guests,” the hotel’s general manager Chris Guse said, according to Matador Network. “With that approach, puppies have naturally been incorporated into our evening wine hour program.”

Not only will you get to party with these puppies in your hotel room, you’ll be helping them out, too: half of the proceeds from the promotion will go towards the rescue.

You’ll get an hour with 6-10 puppies brought to your room, along with some fine dining: you get a bottle of Prosecco and cicchetti from Panzano, an award-winning Denver restaurant.

Sounds like a good deal all around. So if you’re currently planning your next summer vacation, why not live the good life… and help some puppies while you’re at it?

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