Family gets unexpected visit to the garden – and Watson the dog reacts

Animals are wonderful in so many ways. They judge no one and they have no prejudice. Often, different animal species will become friends with one another, even though they may be nothing alike – something that we, as people, could learn from.

This cute video of a dog and a tiny, baby deer and a dog named Watson warmed my heart.

Watson the dog was playing with his family in their backyard when an unexpected guest suddenly appeared.

A little fawn ran out into the yard, completely unafraid of humans or dogs. Watson was definitely surprised!

He looked at the little deer and then at his family, then back to the deer again. Confused, Watson wondered what he should do now. Should he bark at the intruder and chase it away? Or was the little thing harmless? Could this little animal be his new friend?

He eventually chose the last option and started playing near the fawn. Pretty soon, it was obvious that both Watson and his new friend were in a playful mood.

When the family saw what was happening, they hurried to pick up the camera to catch the adorable play session. Watch the video below!

Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes!

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