Terrified dog Belle spends first 12 years of her life locked in a cage – finally experiences freedom

So many of the puppies that are sold come from cruel puppy mills but many buyers have no idea they are supporting this awful practice when they purchase their new hound.

For those dogs who are subjected to life in a puppy mill they don’t have the luxury of a loving and happy home, all they’ve ever known is cruelty.

One little dog called Belle spent the first 12 years of her life locked in a cage in a puppy mill in Portugal.

Not only was she starved of love, companionship and exercise but also didn’t get the medical care she needed.

All she knew was the four walls of her cage – that was until staff from animal rescue organization Bianca Associado saved her.

From the state she was in it appears as though she may not have lasted much longer.

“When rescuers found the poor dog, it was very sick. The pup had glaucoma in its left eye, ingrown nails and no muscles, so the dog could barely walk. The dog was frightened of people — and even the smallest movements and sounds scared little Belle,” according to an article by Little Things.

Belle got the treatment she needed and it wasn’t long before she was ready for adoption.


Mentally she was scarred by her experience but her new mom Irene was patient with her.

Not only was she underweight and terrified of people she had a string of health problems which took months to treat under Irene’s loving care in her new home in the Netherlands.

She suffered with Leishmania which caused her to be very tired and she had to have surgery to treat her dental problems.


When she awoke from surgery she had a heart attack caused by a bad reaction to the anesthesia. The veterinarians were able to revive her, but it was clear the toll living in a puppy mill had taken on her body.

Five years after she was rescued Belle lost sight in both of her eyes but thanks to the love and support of her sweet mom she continues to live a happy life.

Watch her inspiring journey in the clip below.

If any story serves as a reminder to not buy dogs which you know or even suspect to have come from a puppy mill then this should be it.

The toll living in such cruel conditions takes on an animal’s body is devastating.

Thanks to animal hero Irene and the organization which rescued her Belle now has the love and care she deserves. Please share.