Tarzan the homeless dog is too weak to walk – rescuers have to carry him to safety

For many stray dogs living alone and fighting for survival they don’t always trust the humans that try and save them.

Many dogs have suffered a lifetime of abuse from humans and are fearful of anyone who tries to get near them with good intentions.

One homeless pit bull was so scared he had taken shelter in harsh underbush next to a freeway in Los Angeles, ensuring no human could get near him.

Passersby were trying to feed him but he was too weak to walk so one good Samaritan decided to call for help and contacted Hope for Paws.

Hope for Paws/YouTube

Founded by Eldad and Audrey Hagar in 2008, Hope for Paws rescues animals facing death or danger through abuse or abandonment.

When his rescuers arrived they spent hours feeding him and reassuring him in the hope that he would emerge from the bushes and go with them.

Hope for Paws/YouTube

Even though good Samaritans had been trying to help him by giving him food they couldn’t get close enough to him and he was too weak to come to the food.

Rescuers, who named him Tarzan, managed to get close to him, gave him food while they petted his head to gain his trust. All the while Tarzan was eating and getting some of his energy back.

Hope for Paws/YouTube

Then after a long drink in a nearby pool of water he allowed his rescuers to put a leash around his neck and lead him out of the bush but he was too weak to walk far so they carried him to their car.

It took two women rescuers to lift Tarzan and carry him to their car so they could drive him to safety.

Watch how happy he is to get all the love when he arrives at the rescue center.

I hope Tarzan found the loving home he so deserves, he’s such an affectionate dog.

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