Sweet husky dog gently rocks baby to sleep in viral video

Sometimes parents wonder how their pets will react to the arrival of a new baby, but so often a pet dog is a baby’s most loyal and loving guardian.

There are many sweet moments of dogs looking after their favorite little human. Recently, one heartwarming video that shows how gentle dogs can be to newborns has delighted the internet.

The video comes from Instagram page @thejukepack, a pack of six Huskies and Malamutes in Country Life, Minnesota.

Their owners describe them as “protectors of babies,” and one particularly cute video shows how accurate that description is.

The clip shows one of the huskies, Bowser, by the side of a sleeping baby. The dog rests his head on the baby’s chair — and is seen gently rocking him:

“Baby likes to be bounced. Bowser bounces baby,” the caption reads. “Baby is happy so hims is happy too. Bowser is good doggo.”

Another photo shows Bowser standing guard over the now-awake baby.

“Always watching, always protecting,” the caption reads.

Bowser isn’t the only dog who looks after the family’s youngest: the other dogs in the pack also stand guard.

One photo shows another dog, Chewbarka, “taking his shift on baby duty.”

But while they’re all good dogs, it’s Bowser who has warmed the internet’s hearts, going viral with his gentle rocking.

The video was shared by the popular Twitter account WeRateDogs, going viral with over a million views.

“This is Bowser. He’s the designated baby bouncer for today. Doesn’t mind the responsibility because he’s quite good at it,” the viral tweet reads, rating Bowser a “14/10.”

Many people were moved by the Husky’s caring behavior. But other dog owners weren’t surprised, saying that the breed is especially caring around children.

“Huskies are exceptionally good with babies,” one Twitter user said. “My son has a husky who’s 1 1/2 & he’s amazing with my baby grandson. He’s so gentle with him & completely tolerant of the baby climbing on him or pulling fur or taking his toys.”

“It’s beautiful to witness. They’re partners in crime.”

Another replied that their malamutes were the “best babysitters”: “They kept my kids out of trouble for years. Never had to worry about them on the stairs, the kids listened to the dogs better than me.”

What a beautiful video. This baby is lucky to have so many great dogs always looking after him!

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